Wiser languages

A fast and fun way to learn languages without leaving home.

We live in a time where technology makes it possible for us to break distance barriers.

We have the abiltity to make friends in any part of the world through the social media.

Listen to the news, podcasts in European or Asian radios from our car or office is a daily life matter.


From the confort of our homes watching Corean series, Japanese anime or movies in any language was never as easy as it is now.

So, why deprive yourself of learning the language you so desire?

Be part of millions of students who have made the internet their learning tool

Be part of those who enjoy the benefits of mastering several languages.

BE PART OF wiser languages academy

We offer two modalities

Live sessions with bilingual and polyglot instructors

Courses designed so you have access 24 hours a day

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live sessions

you can choose between:

one on one sessions

group sessions with a maximum of 5 participants

Find out how our live sessions program works


Study with us in only 4 simple steps

why wiser languages academy?

international presence

Students from different parts of the world creating a multicultural environment.

variety of languages

We currently have languages such as Chinese - Mandarin, Spanish, English and Portuguese.

Live Sessions

That allow interaction with the instructor as well as with the other participants.

courses 24/7

We have courses in different languages, for different levels 24 hours a day.

bilingual and polyglot instructors

With experience in teaching and learning a foreign language.

affordable prices

Economic investment should not be a limitation to achieve your goals. Check our prices.

Courses 24/7

wiser academy

We offer a variety of courses sort by languages and levels, available 24 hours a day.


In addition, courses that will help you develop study techniques, set goals, improve pronunciation and more.

years of experience in teaching foreign languages.
countries represented by our students.
5 +
Languages available for live classes.
teaching hours taught.

your online language school

What language would you like to learn?

“The teacher makes the class very interesting, I will continue to learn with her, very useful to improve the language ..”


betty wang


“I studied Mandarin and it was excellent, they have good teachers with a lot of patience, flexible schedules and excellent teaching methods, I really learned a basic Mandarin in a short time.”


allison merchán

cuenca, ecuador

A new language opens countless of doors for you.

it is time to achieve your dreams

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